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I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the terrific job TG Marketing is doing for Inframesh. During the first week of our campaign, your team set up an appointment for us that is worth several...


In today’s business world, two things are a necessity to guarantee success; clientèle and business relationships. TG Marketing exists for that sole purpose, to ensure the continued growth and success of your business by helping you expand your clientèle and help build and strengthen business relationships. It’s understood that a strong network can not be achieved without strong networking and through our unique, honest and moral laden marketing and advertising, we can help achieve the goals of growth and success for your business. We are an incredibly versatile and multi faceted company who’s main objective in the business world is to ensure added success for our clients. And while sharing that common goal with everyone we work with, a strong bond and partnership is formed . TG Marketing strives for perfection and complete satisfaction from our clients. We try for 100% satisfaction by offering a long line of services at unbeatable prices with personable efforts on the phone and outstanding customer service for our clients. If you are looking for a new direction to market and grow your business, let us join your team to help you succeed and take you further. read more….

Performance Based Plans

Our performance based options put all the power in your hands. You pay for what you want. We offer face to face appointments with chief decision makers of prospective clients, as well as phone appointments, lead generation and database updating and verification for prices that are beyond competitive.

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Hourly Plan

Our hourly plan is the complete advertising and marketing plan, with this option we allow you to build your own campaign. You can select from any and all of our offered services for one low, flat rate. We can set face to face appointments strictly or we can also set phone appointments for convenience,and generate warm leads in the forms of e-mail addresses…

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