• Build up your sales channel by learning a well-organized, high-throughput lead generating tricks.

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    • Lead

      Its common practice inside sales rooms for salespeople to start the sales process immediately after a cold prospect has been qualified, or “warmed up” before they speak with the...

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    • Database Updating
      and Verification

      There’s an old adage in marketing known as “the money is in the list” and this holds true today. The biggest key to any marketing campaign succeeding is the accuracy of the data on...

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    • Customer

      We can help maintain your customer base as well as increase it with our Customer Retention services. These services will also help you regain old customers and members. This is a favorite...

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    • Direct Marketing
      Follow Up

      Direct marketing comes in two main formats; traditional mail and email blast campaigns. But the truth of the matter is that there is no correct or perfect marketing method and most marketing...

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    • Market

      (no need to mark them as separate services, you basically do market research by surveying people, or market research will fall into Data cleansing. Either way, it’s redundancy in our...

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    • Event Registration
      & Follow Up

      Another way companies market are through live events- workshops, trade shows, seminars, mixers- to help reach their audience on a personal and intimate level. We can help you increase your...

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    Welcome to TG Marketing

    In today’s business world, two things are a necessity to guarantee success; clientèle and business relationships.

    TG Marketing exists for that sole purpose, to ensure the continued growth and success of your business by helping you expand your clientèle and help build and strengthen business relationships.

    It’s understood that a strong network can not be achieved without strong networking and through our unique, honest and moral laden marketing and advertising, we can help achieve the goals of growth and success for your business. We are an incredibly versatile and multi faceted company who’s main objective in the business world is to ensure added success for our clients. And while sharing that common goal with everyone we work with, a strong bond..

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    Who we are

    TG Marketing is a national wide call center based in Modesto, California that work on three main principles: integrity, honesty and hard work.We are not satisfied unless our clients are

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    What we do

    TG Marketing is a nationwide call center that specializes in lead generation and appointment setting for your business to increase your clientèle and help expand your business, thus increasing

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    Supported Industries

    A testament to TG Marketing’s versatility is the wide variety of businesses that we provide our services to. Such industries include:


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